Community Safety Department

Tokyo Metropolitan Public Safety Commission Notification 

Metropolitan Police Register

Representative HIROO OTSUKA

201,Clean Mansion,50-18,Arakawa 1 Chome, Arakawa-ku,Tokyo,Japan 116-0002.

☎ 03-6458-3188

Private Investigator and Detective

Private detectives and investigators provide private investigative services to collect information. Private detectives analyze information to solve mysteries and uncover facts. Private detectives and investigators offer protection services, pre-employment screening, and investigate peoples' backgrounds. Some investigate identity theft, cyber harassment, and copyright violations. They assist during criminal and civil cases, insurance fraud, missing persons investigations, and child protection and custody disputes. They are often hired by people to investigate whether their spouses have committed infidelity. Private detectives utilize many investigative methods. They generally use computers to find documents, locate deleted emails, and conduct database searches. Investigators utilize computers to find information about criminal records, telephone numbers, court judgments, and motor vehicle registrati



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